The World has been pushed hard into new territory by COVID-19 and this has brought a lot of World Changing events to to a head - mainly China.

In our opinion the following will occur or be advanced , very rapidly:

  • China will advance its aggressive stance in the SCS to the brink of kinetic interaction - but will not engage
  • China will enhance and advance it cyber activities for intelligence gathering, tracing of people and creating a new internet platform - but this will breakdown due to internal unrest, massive defections and other countries cyber advances
  • China will try to continue its domination as supplier to the world - but COVID-19 has actioned a wakeup call and countries will look to downsize their dependence on China and source new areas for self-sustaining supply

The impact going forward for Australia:

  • COVID-19 has seriously damaged our economy and unemployment at 10%+ is crippling our ability to avoid a recession
  • Australia has been singled out as a target by China and our reliance on trade with China is being seriously damaged

Actions that need to be set in motion NOW:

  • Strategically reduce reliance on China for manufacturing and supply - look to re-build the manufacturing industry in Australia with the focus on essential supplies, find new sustainable, cost effective countries to manufacture in and establish trade for our goods and services eg India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico and others
  • Create a National Action Plan, under Federal government control and authority that can be adapted for any future catastrophic events ie virus, invasion, war etc 
  • Secure all of our essential services and supplies under Australia ownership and have them self sustainable within Australia
  • Stop all future purchases by China of assets and companies in Australia and take back all essential assets under foreign control that are essential services and supplies