A WIN structure that generates profit, growth and return on investment is made up of the following:

  1. Dynamic CEO
  2. Winning CFO
  3. Solid financing
  4. Superior systems


  • Board - no more than five member for optimum effectiveness, including the Chair and CFO
  • Sales growth, performance and marketing
  • Strategic rolling five year growth plan
  • Organisation structure, staffing and culture
  • Relationship 
  • Legal matters
  • Operational matters


  • CFO is a CLOSER - gets the job done and WINS
  • Leadership on all financial implications affecting and impacting on the company and its continued operations, growth and survival
  • Ensuring that the company achieves / exceeds its profit budget targets and making the strategic decisions in consultation with the CEO and Board to meet this responsibility
  • Constantly reviewing and challenging the financial funding structures of the company to ensure that they are sufficient to support the growth performance and ongoing survival of the company in changing economic times
  • Lead and ensure the compliance requirements of the company for all finance, governance, operational, legal and statutory matters and ensure they are achieved, without fail
  • Remove or solve all obstacles that the company may encounter
  • Promote and support a viable team based operating culture for the company
  • Protect the company assets and maintain an ever increasing return on investment
  • Always act in an honest, fair and trustworthy manner in all activities and always attain a win outcome
  •  Especially in todays world cost effective targeted finances are vital for ongoing operations and survival of the organisation
  • Businesses need to lockdown sufficient cash reserves to get through tough economic times like those of COVID-19
  • The company needs to create and update very detailed daily cash flow forecasts, on a rolling 12 month basis and indicative for the next 12 months so that they can have in place sufficient cash reserves to cover deficits
  • The company should always have cash reserves of at least 3 months and increase this if the business is seeking or starting to see increases in operational risks
  • Risk analysis and updating of cash flows MUST be part of monthly Board Meeting and MUST be included in weekly management meetings
  •  Spread your finances across a number of lenders - DO NOT have all your finances tied to one organisation


  • Develop and select the best platforms, ERP, and IT systems for your business that will enable you to operate effectively and efficiently
  • Staff your IT department with dedicated IT staff who CARE for the company and are practical and up to date with technology
  • Ensure you have an operational disaster plan and that you have a real-time backup system operating 24/7