PETITION - 50 year NATIONAL WATER INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT  Please go to this site to register for the petition, for Australia's sustainable future

I started this petition to Australian people

A National Water Infrastructure Project over 50 years will generate jobs for the unemployed, new areas for crops and livestock, assist in drought and floods eliminations, more usable land for use - overall enable Australia to avoid a recession, increase export products and enable Australia to become more self sufficient by increasing manufacturing. It will help in reducing the national debt and will help Australia to become a net exporter, rather than a net importer.

The infrastructure project is to only be performed by truly Australian companies and no part of the project is to be allocated to any foreign country or company and we will create an expansion of training and re-training center to develop and refine the skills required.

The Project will span 50 plus years to meet the ever increasing challenge of maintaining full or near full employment as technological advances progress.

New cities will be built as the areas of Australia being viable with the permanent water grow and electricity can be generated from the vast pipelines and essential supplies for a sustainable self reliant Australia can be manufactured in Australia. #jobs #infrastructure #government

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