Temporary staff is often required in busy times, when there are projects, staff are on leave, you are limited on number of FTE's etc.

Black Shell Finance is starting a new service to help organisations in these difficult times and we are creating a database of blue, white collar workers, office staff, executive staff etc to cover your needs.

We are keeping the system simple and cost effective as follows:

  1. We will obtain the job spec, skill set and the pay rate and SGC required for our clients temp position
  2. We will source the temp staff required
  3. We will arrange for you to interview them
  4. We will sign off with the temp staff their commencement date and pay rate
  5. Direct approval of hours worked and payment to temp staff will be performed by our client 
  6. The client company will eft to Black Shell Finance at the end of the month an admin service fee of 7% of the total payments paid to the temp staff 
  7. If the client company decides to employ the temp staff on a fulltime basis at any time then a one-off payment of 3.5% of annual salary is to be made by eft to Black Shell Finance

Black Shell Finance are running this service to assist organisations and help reduce the running costs of organisations