Black Shell Finance is working on getting the unemployed jobs, especially those over 55 and also over 65 who are deemed by society to be elderly, which is total generalised bias and discrimination. 

Recruiters, companies and organisations, have a total misconception of the abilities and skill sets of the over 55/65 people seeking work.

Lets get these unemployed and others back into jobs and start up new businesses for them, it will help them, help Australia and help us get out of the technical recession.


Please email to [email protected]

  • Up to date resume
  • Technical skill set
  • Positions that you have experience in
  • Full contact details
  • Age, but only if you want to disclose, as this is your own privacy
  • Rights to work in Australia

The aim is to get 100,000 applicants asap so that we can analyse data and target submissions to government and businesses for immediate specific programs